Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Winter Wonderland

This weekend rocked!!!

Thursday night I met J at Splash. Also briefly saw M when he came in. He looks bangin'! Justin had this cute skinny boy, R, who had an apartment in the city. Actually, that was his last night in the apartment, he was flying back to LA the next day. So we "anti-christ"ened the apartment with a delightful threesome. He left the hot water running in the shower all night to help warm the place. By morning the walls and windows were all wet, water was dripping from the ceiling. We spent some time wiping down all the surfaces. The we found out we were locked in the apartment. Apparently, J accidentally pushed a button on the door as he left and we were stuck. R got the door open by sticking a screwdriver or something in to reach the button. Anyway. So he was really cute and super skinny and J's cute and it was really fun.

On my way home I got a green juice. Freshly squeezed celery, spinach, kale and some other greens. Tasted ok, not wonderful but you know its super healthy, right?

Saturday night I drove to Rush, was there for 10 minutes maybe and wasn't feeling it. I started going to leave, but H recognized me and I started dancing with him. That was fun. He's super cute. Then he went to look for a muscle boy, and I met Ryan!! Ryan is this incredibly hot guy, he was there with a few girlfriends. I got to make out with him and some of the girls and it was like threesome, foursome, we tried to get all our mouths together at once. He was sooo fun! He was all perky and peppy and happy it was hot.

Then I met A. He has beautiful eyes. Skinny, good looking 19 year old, had his shirt half off so was lookin pretty sexy. He was dancing with a guy, but he gave me a look that said take me, so I went over, started dancing the 3 of us, but when A and I started making out the other guy kinda slipped out from between us and gave us our space. Then A's friends made him leave, I went back over to Ryan and crew for some more dancing. When he left the night was about over, but I offered Haven a ride home (to Brooklyn). It was great driving with him. He's a great guy. A lot of fun to be around, and adorable to boot. Actually, scorching hot. Back in his gogo dancer days (he's only 17 now, btw, so don't get the wrong idea about 'back in his gogo dancer days' lol) I used to come to the club just to see him. There are only a couple dancers ever I came just to see. It was exciting to spend time with him. He was thanking me for the ride, but the pleasure was all mine. And no, we didn't have sex in the car. But we might go out on a date. Who knows. I might go out with A, too. I didn't get Ryan's number. Found him on Facebook, but didn't friend him. Yet. Never quite sure how to approach that.

P apparently hates me now. Maybe for friending him on facebook. Not sure what I did or why he would hate me. Oh, he was there too. He liked Ryan and tried to push me away from him. He made out with Ryan a little; I backed off a drop. But then he was gone. I don't get him. Ryan gave me a hickey. Soon enough they were closing up the club.

I offered H a ride home to his place. His friend was going to come with us, but kinda wanted to go home with a buncha other guys headed to some apartment in the city to have some crazy orgy or something I don't know. He wanted H to come. H wasn't interested. Eventually the friend got in the car and we started to go, but then he decided he wants to go to their little fck fest and got out. I don't know what happened to him. I drove H home. It was a nice ride. And he kissed me before he got out, made me happy.

I got home pretty late, probably around a quarter to 6 or so. Watched a little of a Modern Family episode. Found it funny. Not sure if it was or I was just in that overtired state where everything is funny. Finally went to sleep.

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