Thursday, January 21, 2010

Romantic Story for Valentine's Day

Okay so I had an insanely awesome time at the club. First I met this really super hot boy. He was totally an angel. That he wanted to dance with me is proof there is a god! I got there at about 12:58. Waited on line outside for 4 minutes, and got to the cashier at 1:02. He insisted on charging the after-1:00AM price, an extra $5. So bad. If you're selling a fun experience, you should be nice to people. If it's your fault I missed the cutoff because of the line, give it to me. A lot of places will cut the line at the deadline, so if you're there it counts. Oh well. It was to be the least of my extra expenses for the weekend... Still a bad business practice. But what do they care. The money's rolling in. They're at capacity anyway. So what if people think the place is trashy.

The hotel was really nice. I was surprised how big the room was. Very comfortable bed. The linens could have been softer, but the pillows were perfect. The decor was very pretty. Not much of a view, but at least you had something. Kind of amazing how many rooms they had. The building is enormous. There was a maze of rooms on my floor. It was also kind of weird how each floor was so different. Some floors are dorms, some are offices. The hotel only has some of the floors. So going up the elevator, the door opened at some floors to ugly worn out carpeting or sanitized waiting room-looking spaces, before opening on my floor to a fairly lavish landing that made me feel vaguely uncomfortable--brought on a slight pang of socialist guilt. The sound of fucking couples in the rooms around me made me wish my angel had come home and spent the night with me, but in the end he did better: he spent the next day with me. [Ed. note: The hotel in the story is the New Yorker.]

I woke up with a brief workout, and then showered and checked out.

We met and walked to Billy's Bakery for some heavenly upcakes (more proof that he was truly an angel), and then walked to Parke & Ronen for some shopping. We each tried on some shirts and pants and things, then he said he'd try on a bathing suit if I would. Deal! He picked this wonderfully short tight trunk and modeled it, God! he was yummy. I also tried on a hot orange-ish number. The sales guy told us they have three sizes. He was wearing the 2 inch inseam, and I was wearing the eight inch inseam and there's another one in between. He looked divine. And sexy as hell in the store, which has big glass windows onto the street with nothing on but this teeny weeny bathing suit and socks! It's nowing outside. Just flurries, but still. I think I looked cute in the bathing suit too. I should have bought it, but it was pretty expensive, and you don't think of buying swimsuits in winter. But it can't hurt to be prepared...

Then we went for brunch at 202. It's inside a clothing store, in this little enclave of shops built in a renovated Nabisco factory with a lot of the industrial look from the factory preserved, but decorated so as to make for a very warm and cozy and comfortable feel. Great little place. Very romantic. And just a tad touristy? The food was amazing. This guy really knows how to pick places to go, foods to eat. If Jesus was anything like [_______], I could understand how Chrsitian theology began... Am I getting carried away? Just a little bit?

So anyway, from brunch we walked down to Theory. Wait before we left 202, we stopped to use the restroom. So it was very cute. It's not a restroom with stalls, it's one of the ones with just one at a time. So there's one upstairs, and one downstairs. He suggested I go downstairs and he'd go upstairs, more efficient that way. But the upstairs one was occupied and when I came out, I saw a vision of a HAWT guy waiting outside, a beautiful smile on his cherubic face. Took me a sec to realize it's my boy! He was dressed in layers, so each time he's take off a sweater or put on a jacket or retie his scarf or walk into a different light, he'd

OMG Bad Romance came on my headphones and I just had to stop my story and enjoy.

Okay, where was I? he'd look different, but each time super hot. Remember the post where I said a true model makes the clothing he wears look good, even if it really doesn't? He looked awesome in whatever he put on. And being super skinny is part of it. I understand why models are skinny. People talk shit about the fashion industry for its skinny models. But I'm pretty slim, but I couldn't wear six layers and make it look incredible. You need to almost be so skinny the clothes wear you to really show them off. But my angel doesn't look emaciated or anorexic. He's just right.

Back on track.

So when he came out of the restroom, before we left, I leaned in to just give him like a welcome back kiss before we'd leave, which turned into

I'mn typing to the beat of Lady Gaga's Alejandro Ale Ale jandro

it almost must look to the people in this subway car like there's something musical about this story... All in my head

anyway, the kiss turned into a full-blown makeout session. A store employee passed by and said he's not offended by [our behavior] but you never know who might come by, so if we could move it outside. See, its a totally gay neighborhood, and the employee was probably gay and all, but its also a bit touristy, and with those tourists you never can tell... a lot of tourists come from Bibelly places and expect New York to be all bibelly too...

So next, we went to Theory. I kinda hoped I wouldn't find anything I liked, because I didn't want to spend any more money... Alexandre needed to pick up some p.j.'s his mom wanted to get for his sister. It's cute. His sister went and picked out what she wanted, and told her mom what to get her as a gift. Anyway, the thing was skimpy as hell. It was a sexy boy brief that I thought was so progressive of his mom to get for her daughter...

We picked out a few items to try on. So they had great service in Theory (they'd better for the prices they charge) that thy put things in the dressing room as you pick them out and then you can go into the all-set-up dressing room. So we went to try the stuff on and it took us a sec to see which dressing room they had set up for which of us, so first the attendant pointed us each to our dressing room, then he mixed it up and said, no it was other way around... or you can just go together. Together? the angel asked with a wink toward me? Hell yes. (Haha, before when he was getting dressed after trying stuff on in P&R he put his undershirt on inside out, I pointed this out - and noted I only said something because I just wanted to see him take off his shirt again :)

So we went into the dressing room together. We didn't do anything but try on clothes, but it was fun to be together in that intimate setting. And taking off clothes of course.

Then we went to Joe's for coffee. He promised great coffee and delivered. His parents and sisters met us there. It was so awesome, I got to meet his folks. His dad was great. I didn't get to speak to his mom or sis's too much. But if we get married, I'd totally down with his family. I hope they liked me... maybe I'd even go out to meet him. Oh. See, there's the rub. He's from upstate, so about 2 hours away. That I could deal with. I'd totally be there all the freaking time. But he's in school in Pittsburgh, and that's more of an issue. And it's a five year architecture program, and he's only in the first year.

Oh yeah, that's another thing. He's 19. It's amazing he said he first thought when he saw me at the club I was too young for him. But no. I'm a couple years older. But none of that is a problem. That's all awesome. The problem is with him out in Pitt, we can't really date. So the goodbye was more than goodbye, I'll see you later. It was like goodbye, I probably won't see you for at least several months. After a parting passionate kiss, we said good bye.

Best fucking day ever!!

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