Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama Gets Prop 8 Passed

Okay, lets talk about some of the statistics in this election that nobody wants to talk about. The numbers reveal deep divides in this country. Obama took 95% of the Black vote. He lost the White vote by a slim margin.

A perhaps unintended consequence of Obama's wildly successful get-out-the-black-vote effort meant that there were enough black voters, who overwhelmingly supported the marriage ban, to push the ban through 52% to 48% in California. Obama win means gay rights lost

This is a country in serious trouble, because there is an elephant in the room, and nobody will admit it.

blacks back ban
Obama lost the White vote in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia

The US media were afraid to talk about this story, but police felt the need to prepare for race riots in the event of an Obama election loss. Jong threatened blood in the streets.

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~Deb said...

Everyone is hush hush. It's done. Shhhh.

That's what I get. I have similar yet different viewpoints, however it's still out there.

They ask if the racism will get any better after the elections, but I'm afraid it won't. I'm hoping it will.

I had an African-American woman who said she only voted for Obama, not for his qualifications and achievements, but because he was black. This very same person voted FOR prop 8....and yet she wanted to be an "extra party" in my relationship with my partner for fun.

Hypocritical or what?

People are different. I don't know. This has been one exhausting election, hasn't it?