Wednesday, November 28, 2007

me: yesterday, i sat down in a bar and there was this guy sitting across the room from me and he's making eyes at me and i was thinking like alright, why don't you just come over if you want to talk
1:48 AM and then the bartender comes over and says the guy in the striped shirt across from you wants to buy you a drink
i said ok, and he brought me the drink
the guy still doesn't come over well, maybe he's shy
and he was just waiting for you to come up to him
he already made a sign that he's interested
the eyes... and the drink
me: just wait. and then finally, the bartender hands me this note from the guy that he's deaf
1:49 AM OH
and he's at the bar?
1:50 AM me: yah, so i thought i'd scan his note. it was kind of nice. poor guy OMG I WANNA SEE

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