Friday, May 11, 2007

Uncomfortable to Talk About It

I had a lot of fun with the go-go boys at a club in the city the other night. I was so shy, it's funny. Some guy who was talking to me handed me a dollar bill and said to go stick it in the boy's underwear. It was so awkward at first, but fun. You get to feel up the boys and watch them dance on the bar in front of your face. Several people offered to take me home but I declined. I didn't kiss anyone or have sex or anything. Just dancing and touching, so I think that's safe. I don't feel good about it, but then, I don't feel good about much in general so I don't know.

I was very shy, just like standing around, walking around, and people came over to me and said I looked cute and stuff, but I wasn't really interested in most of them. And when I saw someone who was hot, my heart stopped and all I could do was stare and I didn't have the courage to go flirt with him. So I was left in a pretty messed up situation.


en Ferran said...

I guess most of us have lived such situation more than once: staring at "the" guy, not being able to tell him a single word. In the end, the worst thing that can happen is you get a "no" for an answer which, frankly, is not the most terrible thing we will go through in our lifes. Courage! :)

20 Years of My Life said...

Hang in there!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have such tremendous Kishron and need to learn how to channel it by getting in touch with your Neshama. Keeping it bottled up can destroy you in many ways. send me an