Monday, July 10, 2006

A few comments on Israel

Studying Middle Eastern history and conflict this semester (Summer). Got interested in a bit of the news, and it's just totally crazy. I was dumbfounded when I saw the long list of anti-Israel resolutions from the UN. It's a long story and it's not the topic of my book (It'll come out one day ;-)), but I thought I'd mention the ridiculous state of double standard and lack of objectivity, ignorance of historical precedent, and misapplication of concepts that goes on in media coverage and world opinion in all things regarding Israel. Two interesting sites presenting unique (but my no means comprehensive) coverage are and On the topic of weird but enlightening sites, try this off-center news source: I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything written there, nor do I necessarily agree with or endorse the positions of the writers. That said, there is a wealth of information (judge its accuracy for yourself) on the topic. But look around. Complete understanding comes (never, but to get close to it comes) from critically examining a wide variety of sources from different viewpoints. Unless you just get hopelessly muddled and confused and stop trusting anyone. (One of my maxims has always been, Newspapers always lie. Anyone with firsthand experience or knowledge of any topic covered in the news media already knows this well.) I find it fascinating.

Whoa. Lot of disclaimers up there.^

Before I forget, I wanted to note that an idea has been forming slowly in my head: The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded for idiocy, evil, discord, and damage to civilization. I could have sworn that is not what Lord A. Nobel wrote in his will. I think the will was more like "benefit for humanity" or something. I have to look it up and follow this up with details from the sources. For now, just a thought. (note: research ElBaradai)

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