Friday, March 19, 2010

Theme Parties Beat Non-Parties Any Day

It really reeks on this subway car. And its a local. Grrr.

I was supposed to go out to a straight club and try meeting some ladies, but the guy I was gonna go with got sick and had to cancel. It worked out great though, because a friend who's in college invited me out to a party at his school. It was awesome. The whole school was out partying, going from apartment to apartment for different theme parties. One was a dance party, one was beer pong, another someone's birthday, next one a "rape party".

Okay. So I just moved to a different subway car and this one smells okay.

Anyway, there was alcohol everywhere, and weed, and who knows what else. Everyone was smiling and happy. I crashed over in my friend's room. Got up early to get the car home to mom and dad. Oops, not early enough. They complained that they were worried about me when I wasn't home when they expected and that they needed the car early in the morning and didn't have it.

It was an awesome night. Always the best nights for me seem to piss off my parents. Which gives me the impression, however skewed and misconstrued, that they resent my happiness [because its source conflicts with their moral values.]

Then the vegetables. My mom worked hard to make a vegetable dish, and I ate most of it while they where out shopping. She wasn't pleased. I had no idea there would be a problem with it. Nobody else but me even eats vegetables in my house anyway. I'm really sorry though.

Living with people sucks. I want my own place, where I can invite only the people I like, and can invite them whenever I want. I want my own car I can take whenever wherever and come back when I want. People are annoying.

Today I thought of going to an Oscar party. Still might, but the Oscars will be over by the time I get there.

I still have no friends. Oh yeah, I started drinking after my parents got pissed. I said they don't love me and all. I always say that when their values clash with my happiness. If they really loved me and knew what love is, how could their values trump my happiness?

P.S. I went to the Oscar party. I caught the last 15-20 minutes of the show, which included all the major awards including best actor, best director, best picture, etc. Not sure what they were doing for the first 3 hours of the awards show.

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