Monday, December 07, 2009

Collected Screenshots

Cute Marc Jacobs model. This guy is the definition of a top model: He makes whatever they dress him in look good. I had to catch myself and think about how they would look on me before rushing to buy a bunch of clothes because they looked great on him.

For a brief time, Google searches for NY Senate described the chamber's website as "Marriage Equality: New York State Senate". We know that didn't last.

$100,000 for the Norton Internet Security suite, Netbook edition. A bit pricey, methinks. Especially for the netbook user on a budget!


Anonymous said...

With the value of the US dollar declining that ad may someday be a reality (OK, that is extreme?).

Fragrances said...

Just making a fun of compatibility between you & US Dollers. Is it so?
I don't think so that there should be any compatible between these types of compare studies.
Just have fun & confidence between you also.