Monday, March 30, 2009

Somewhat Redacted But Still So Revealing

Wow wow wow! My mind is still spinning. The city's sexiest circuit party was off the wall. I got there just after midnight. Yeah, the train ran local and cost me 15 minutes. I almost missed the discount window and didn't want to pay full price, but luckily a security guard was kind enough to tell the ticket clerk that the line was down the block and even if I got on line by midnight I wouldn't have reached the counter till then. Yay!

So I got in and tried to find my friend. Walked all around the place. It was still early, not too crowded yet. Went to the bathroom, washing my hands our eyes met in the mirror--a cute boy from the South. We introduced ourselves--and then he introduced me to him boyfriend. Oh well, I thought. More on him later. So back to the dance floor for a few beats, tried again to contact my friend. Was almost ready to give up and head downtown for a karaoke party a couple of my friends were going to, figure the party is going on all night and most of the next day. I could miss a few hours and come back. But after I went outside I finally got in touch with my friend I was supposed to meet. We met up and danced for a while. Then he had this idea to go flirt with random ugly people! We made a whirlwind tour of the enormous dance floor, him flirting up half of it, me too shy to join in. I guess that's how he warms up--flirt with people you aren't interested in so when the one you are comes along you know what you're doing. Finally, he had enough turning on the poor old men and found a cute guy to make out with. I left the lovebirds to go find some action of my own.

So I come across Mr. South with his boyfriend again. They're both shirtless, J is in a pair of assless chaps, revealing his cute bubble butt. We started a three-way make-out session, mouth to mouth to mouth. Turns out the boyfriend, O, is a better kisser than J but J's cuteness factor more than made up for it. So commenced the difficult chore of making sure no one feels like a third wheel. Lol. All chores should be so fun! O went off at some point to look for drugs. Couldn't find any. Was he blind? It wasn't hard. Even I could have told him where to look, and I'm the kinda guy who hears "X, X, anybody want some X?" and thinks "Maybe I should call security?" Anyway, there were so much drugs, weed, poppers, who knows what I think I got high just from breathing the air.

O returned to find some guy blowing his boyfriend. He wasn't too pleased. He shooed the guy away and we started making out again. At some point J got me half undressed. Then he wanted to go into the back room where people were touching and fucking and blowing and everything just completely random dark sweaty anonymous mass ceiling dripping. O said no. He tried to impress upon him that 1 in 4 has an STD and there's no reason to go into such a situation when he could easily pick up a real person, a cute clean real person instead of going into that anonymous ugly mess. But J was steadfast. From Southeastern college town to the craziest circuit party in New York City, he wasn't about to miss out on the action. Always has to be clean and proper? Sometimes the boys just wanna get down and play. Rough and dirty steamy sweaty seething all that attention hands feeling groping moving everywhere nothing sacred lose yourself. His boyfriend wouldn't have it. I just felt bad watching them fight. At a party. Come on, have fun! I actually kinda sided with O, but I stayed out of their marital affairs. I do hear both sides. When J went in, he told me he was in heaven. He loved it. One guy sucking his dick, another hand there another dick there, a dick in his mouth, another next to his face hands groping and cute little J, center of attention loved by the whole anonymous writhing multitude. O went to get their coats and wait in the lobby. He must have gotten tired of waiting and went back to their hotel. Which left J without a coat, but that's later.

I followed J into the back room. He asked me if I saw anything I liked. I looked at him, held him, said I'm looking at it, holding it. You're the only thing in this back room mess I want. I wouldn't even be here if you hadn't insisted. But no one person (or even two) could satisfy his craving. He need a massively multi-player game. I didn't know what to do. I just kept my zipper up as hands reached to tug it open. We finally reached a quieter corner and started getting it on, but then other people intruded. But while I was annoyed, he welcomed the intrusions, wanted a piece of it all. So I buttoned up and let him take it. Felt like a man watching his wife get raped while he was tied up. And I just met J. I can only imagine how awful O felt back at his hotel. J offered to blow me, but as much as I wanted his mouth on me, I couldn't let him do it after he'd just eaten some other random dick.

Finally, we emerged. I held him tight. I wondered what he was feeling. He seemed shaken up. I think part of him loved it, part of him thought he'd gone too far. He went down to the lobby to find O. His boyfriend had already left. I started walking him back to his hotel. He had no shirt. It was already morning, the sun was up. His ass was bare. He got a lot of attention from the party boys, walking down the street like that. But this is New York, most people wouldn't even notice. Another guy walking back had a car, offered us a ride. It was chilly, we were grateful to get in a car for the 4 blocks. I said goodbye to J at his hotel and went back to the party. I hope he can work things out with O and it doesn't get too messy between them.

Back on the dance floor I met V. Major cutie. We tore it up for some time, wound up in a bathroom stall for a sexy session, danced some more. When he left, I went and got my coat, ready to leave, but I just couldn't do it. Something kept drawing me back. Was it the great house music? Those tribal beats? The porn show? The laser light show? No, actually his name was A. You might remember him from that diner next to the club. (I think I called him by a different name in that post, just because I had written about another "A" in that one). So, in a kind of a daze now, after 9 hours of crazy partying and probably rolling on the "perfumed" air of the club, I wandered about taking it all in. I met up with a party promoter who had been working there as a bartender. Thought I'd hang out with him a bit, but he might have been to much about that thing that thing tha-at thi-i-i-ing. Oh hell, so am I. I found A coming out of a bathroom stall with a buddy. I loved the way he reached right for my crotch. That sexy thing. He was wearing really loose jeans that were slipping halfway down his ass, pretty much revealing the whole perfect thing. And shirtless, of course, as were most of the people there. Great body. But he wasn't that interested I guess. His friend was a bit more interested and we danced a little, but then he went to look for A and I didn't see him anymore.

Now it's really time to go. But that other cute dancer from the club is here in his Ginch Gonch underwear. I just had to go over and give him a compliment. Way out of character, but something I should do more often. Gotta give more compliments. Then I saw Y, he was leaving, and I went out with him and his friend. They took a cab and I got in the subway. The train said it was express, the electronic display showed only express stops. I could have sworn the conductor announced it was going express. But it made the local stops. Unless I fell asleep and dreamt that I was on a train making local stops. At last, I was home. Happy. Content. Satisfied. Hungry. Eager for more.


Anonymous said...

wow! i cant believe this is the same shy boy who hardly would talk to me on the phone. Somethings changed. Or it could be because Im a girl.

Teddy Douglas said...

Yeah it's me! And I'm still shy. Still locked inside of myself, unwilling to discuss my feelings with others or even with myself much of the time. And without being able to feel or talk about feelings, it's harder to have conversations with people. And besides, I'm not the best conversationalist.

Plus phones are scary. P.S. Are you anonymous for a reason?

Anonymous said...

So why ehre can you be so open, I still know its you. You can say things on ehre you would neevr be able to say in public but this is a lot mroe public then a diary. I think its good to be open and I like seeing this side of you. I always felt so stupid on the phone cause i would talk and then there was jsut silence.
I dont need the world to know who I am, but I assume you know who i am, so hence why Im annoymous