Monday, February 02, 2009

Random Musings, Trends I'm Seeing

The decline of House. Disappointed that the writers had to turn to unblinding 13's study. Guess after 100 episodes, its kinda hard to find good new material and the thing is getting old.

Drugs are making major comeback on the streets of New York! I was offered weed, coke, E, and more at least 4 times by 3 different people in one weekend. Welcome to the new New York. A world of opportunity.

Girls hitting on me?

Ahh the Superbowl. Last year at the game I met the love of my life, or, at least a few months... Can you believe I sent an anniversary gift even though we stopped seeing each other ages ago? I wonder how he'll take it... And this year I met someone else; reminds me of that Sex and the City episode where she's dating this guy and asks about his previous relationships and he goes, "Well there was Cathy, Linda, Mark..." "Mark!"


Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised that girls are hitting on you?

I spent some time reading all your posts and I noticed an evolution in your thinking about your future and life as a bi person. In the beginning you were thinking of marriage and children and now I do not see any of this in your posts. You did not like the idea of Pride but now you attend parades.

I am orthodox and not gay but found your site when doing research for a law school topic.

I have no idea how you maintained your gay life and orthodox life at the same time. Are you a practicing or non-practicing orthodox person?

My experience has been that gay students are thrown out of the yeshiva or community and that most parents write them off as worthless. Your parents seem to have taken a middle ground and just wiped out of their consciousness that you are engaged in homosexual conduct but still "worry" about you because of it but don't seem to say they are worried because you are gay and going to clubs and engaging in sexual conduct. I presume anal and oral and all sorts of sexual conduct, but could be wrong depending on how you view homosexuality in light of your orthodox background.

Hang in there, you are a normal person with normal problems.

Teddy Douglas said...

as for pride, i said i'm not sure i'm for the sentiment but the parties are still fun.

i'm curious... how did i come up in your legal research?

lol yeshivas love to toss the gays, eh?

yeah my parents are great, i hate them. i mean... love them?

thanks for the encouragement. don't forget to write...

Anonymous said...

The way I found your site is actually long winded and might be similar to one of your random posts where you just ramble stuff off.

I was doing a paper on halacha and rape laws. Some of the research pointed to organizations that inform people about child molestation situations. Some of those organizations have links to support sites. I was perusing some forums of orthodox teens to see if there were any that were victims of rape or molestation to see what the response of the moderator was. Then I typed in google some terms from there. Please dont be offended but I used gay, molestation, rape, orthodox, jewish, halacha in the search terms. I came up with some other sites. When this did not work so well I tried to find a jewish website where you can ask a rabbi.

Here is where it might get interesting. I then spoke to my mom who told me my brother is at Tzvi Kaplan in Jerusalem. I tried to google that to see how prestigious it really was and if they maybe had an "ask a rabbi" feature. I could not find a website for them (probably because internet is so bad - people like you putting those porn pics up and all!) so I thought maybe they had a nickname like ToMo or OJ or Ner Jake. I think you detailed somewhere in a comment the different hashkafas of the yeshivas. That brought up your blog and referred to them as J-Lem (I think).

I went back to your site for entertainment value and found it to be interesting in its own right.

Another question for you... do you still plan on marrying a woman or is that something you no longer consider. I saw your posts on gay marriage and gay adoption and I guess you now consider that a real option. What would your family think if you married a man and adopted them a grandchild? I assume that if you did not get married and adopted a child they would consider it yours and treat it like a grandchild. I bet the marriage aspect of it might change that a bit?

Jonathan Kraut said...

By the way, I will stop being anonymous now! I also have a blog if you are interested. It is not as introspective as yours but is as random and tries to be smart.