Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tobbacco Reduction

Consider the folowing statements:

Statement 1
The success of sustained anti-smoking efforts over the past several decades has reached a point where fewer than 25% of American males now smoke. Public education campaigns, cigarrette taxes, limits on tobbacco advertisement, and regulations against smoking in public places have been effective tools at reducing the danger of tobbacco smoke in our society.

Statement 2
Tobbacco-safety and anti-smoking efforts have failed Black Americans. More than 1 out of every 4 African-American males in the United States is a smoker. It is the fault of a society that gives the African American community unequal treatment that leaves the Black population at a higher risk for a host of preventable health problems. State and municipal governments aren't doing enough for minority health issues.

Both statements have their facts right, but the conclusions they draw are very different. Their perspectives are very different.

Ready for the numbers? 24% of white males smoke; 26% of black males. ThinkFirst.

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Ahmed Samir said...

Way to go, USA.

Just compare your smoking statistics with the Egyptian ones.

Here in Egypt, you can find about 35% of health professionals are smokers.

30% of adults are also smokers as well as 23% of male youths ( under 15 ).