Monday, September 15, 2008

The Latest

Wow what a weekend! Thursday night I... went to sleep on time! Exciting, no? Then Friday I... went to work... haha but wait, it gets better. Saturday night I partied in Chelsea till like 4:30 AM, at the end it was just me and a bunch of go go boys left in the club. I think it was open late just for them, I dunno why they even let me stay. Maybe one of the gogos had his eyes on me? Or am I dreaming...

Sunday I went to a comedy show, then started walking over to Hells Kitchen and this really hot but seemingly straight guy offered to buy me a drink. And then he took off his shirt and started doing chin ups on the scaffolding for me... I don't get it, but I'll take it... Then I met another cute guy (this one was gay, I'm sure of it...) in a club there and we were up pretty late. And now back at work... Unreal.

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