Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Have an Inversion to Life (sic)

So I'm running the 5 Mile tomorrow in Central Park. I went to pick up my number today. The Road Runner's office is right by Museum Mile, which had the street festival today, so I got to go check out a bunch of museums for free. Went to the National Design Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt, the Jewish Museum, and the Met. The line was too long for the Guggenheim, so I had to pass. Then I walked/jogged/ran 80 blocks downtown to meet someone for dinner. I enjoyed it; hope he did too. Then I went to a bar, alone, feeling kinda down. I just needed the restroom, but then I stayed a little for the entertainment - it was karaoke night. I didn't drink anything. Then left, took the subway home.

Walked again from the subway station home. Thinking about how I did so much for so little money but what did I have from it? What was it worth? And even considering how much I was able to do free or very low-cost, I still ended up spending about $35. So this money has to come from somewhere and I need a job. And how much life sucks. And how I thought my life could be different; hoped I could somehow rise above the suckiness, the drama, the pettiness, the roller-coasters. But no, I guess I can't. And it was foolish to think I can.

And I'd better get some sleep if I intend to run tomorrow.

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