Friday, January 18, 2008

Miuccia's Men in Milan

To Bryanboy: Hey, you know I still can't comment on your site because for some reason the bot-blocker letters don't show up on my screen ( Trackback).

What a sending-off party Miuccia threw for her men's line with the winter show in Milan! The worst-reviewed showing by a major fashion house in recent memory, the whole thing seemed like a bad joke. "Ms. Prada has some complex sexual issues to work through," said the New York Times. FWD's Chic Report disparagingly called the show "medieval night at the disco". Backwards shirts and ruffled skirts, skintight nude-beige sweaters on skeletal models, and cardigans tucked into slacks? Hello.

I did like that Matt Damon look-alike in the b/w striped shirt and sunglasses (though whoever did his hair needs his head examined). He was the only model that looked alive, not that the extra collar strangling his neck did anything to promote that. One thing everyone is complaining about - the no fly pants - I think was a nice thing to show because it makes people question, makes you stop and think. Which is part of what these shows try to do. Of course, I would never wear it and would picket if it caught on, but the idea is there that it shows you why the fly is there in the first place (in case ya didn't know). Same goes for that purple metallic-looking thing. It's awful, but it accentuates form in an interesting way.

The whole cummerbund thing, that general theme of splitting off the upper body from the lower body and using that "space" in the middle for a whole new element, is nothing more than a nuisance. It wasn't particularly attractive on the runway models, but it will be hideous on the average Joe. I've said it, and I'll say it again. Men's clothing comes in three basic parts: top, bottom, footwear (the rest is accessories). There is no top, middle, bottom, footwear. That middle part is just part of the top or bottom. It does not separate and become its own entity. Clothing at some level should be anatomically justified.

ps victoria beckham in that marc jacobs ad looks like an accident at the tanning salon, but at least she's proud of hubby's big dick

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