Thursday, April 19, 2007

Link Bombs

I know this is old news, but I just tried it myself and it is pretty cool. If you search for "miserable failure" on Yahoo and many other search engines (not Google anymore, they changed it), President George Bush's official page at the White House will pop up as the number one result. There are other link bombs, too. How it works: Search engines use links to sites as one of the ways they determine a site's content. If lots of people call their link to Bush "miserable failure" search engines think that the Bush site talks about "miserable failure" (which, in the opinions of many, it does).


en Ferran said...

Hi. If you write "miserable" in Google (Spain), the first name to appear is "Acebes", the former Spanish "Secretary of State" who supported the invasion of Iraq... and whose party luckily lost the 2004 elections after the Madrid bombings. Just for your information :-)
I happened to read your blog once and visit you from time to time. Greetings from Barcelona.

Teddy Douglas said...

Greetings. Thanks for the FYI and for stopping by.