Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thoughts for Now

English Comp is over. Finished Thurs, just need to e-mail the teacher one last essay. That leaves me free Thurs nights for the next few weeks. I thought of going out to celebrate, but ended up just taking a long walk about the city. I toured the Wohl Rose Gardens next to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) building. Very pretty. The architecture of the Supreme Court building there is also pretty impressive. The Court's decisions are another story. But there are terraced parks on the roof and a fancy pedestrian bridge to the parking lot across the street that leaves a nice modern and functional effect.

They recently built a new road off Shazzar that should make it easier to get to these gov't buildings. The gov't is working on a general program to consolidate geographically its offices, which, until now, have been scattered about the city. The Drug Authority here, the Bureau of Statistics there, the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Religion (it's something like that: the 1 Ministry for 3 things that don't belong together; it's something like Sports, Culture, and Religion) in another place. None of these near the Interior Ministry. Anyway, the gov't has tried to buy up property in one place.

Jerusalem visitors, just come. See the whole amazing city; don't leave anything out. There is so much here. I went to 4 Shushan last night. If you haven't heard of it, check it up. Hooked up over there with a cute guy who is studying at Hebrew U. The music was unimpressive, but the dj said it was just for Motzash (Saturday night) that they were playing a more Arabic mix and no American songs. During the week he said the mix is different. I guess more Israeli, some American, we'll see. It's a tiny place, but lively, like I heard it would be. Wow, that's new: accurate reporting.

Stats class in 10 minutes. What else is new? Life's so unpredictable (but in the end it's right/ I hope you've had the time of your life...) yah. anyway, sometimes it's a party, sometimes it's a drag. Stay away from drag queens. And you never know what will come next. You want to change the channel, but you don't want to miss the good parts. And you sometimes end up staring at commercials, and sometimes the people jump out of the screen and eat you. Dunno, it could happen... It wouldn't be a bit stranger than any of the other stuff that does.

Nu, lemme hear som'ing from u. (Ooh, what awful grammar.) Love + Kisses. Just like algebra. What a mood I'm in...

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